Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Some Jack Donnaghy leadership advice thats best avoided

Some stuff a scrum master should probably refrain from doing, no matter how bad your day or week goes...

"Use fear when reason fails"

"Maintain upper hand by delivering backhanded compliments"

"Follow a proven strategy"

"Quote random statistics to prove your point"

While they are hilariously effective, the side effect is to wreck your team.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thoughts, trials and tribulations...

Well it had to begin somewhere...

I'm a scrum master, working in a development team in Ireland. I wanted to start a blog to re-enforce my learnings as I go about gaining more experience as a scrum master.

I enjoy scrum mastering... High performing teams producing quality software interests me. I am also a geek at heart. I enjoy technology. I enjoy coding, "wiring" software components together to produce something useful, that makes our lives better. I relish doing a good job and take pride in a great product. I think software creation is more craftsman ship than engineering, but engineering principles are very useful to produce it. I am firmly in the camp that the scrum master must be technically very strong and they must keep their programming and engineering skills current. I subscribe to the Agile manifesto.

I think I am a rare, if not unique, type of scrum master.

Anyway I hope to write about a few of my positive and negative experiences here. Sharing is caring. A problem shared is a problem solved.