Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Winston Wolf... A scrum master from the movies!

"I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems..."

This is the introduction from Harvey Kietel's character in the movie Pulp Fiction.

Better quality version
Low quality, but longer clip

Here are some of the excellent Scrum master qualities Winston demonstrates in this clip.

  1. Skin in the game. He puts "skin in the game" by showing up to the crime scene. He's now as guilty as the rest of them. 
  2. Team. He forms the team. The four guys in the house are the team. They are all in together in the one situation. The husband is part of another team (husband and wife), but the Wolfman takes subtle control of him and takes him into this team using a clear vision, providing a service and providing compliments. 
  3. Trust. He immediately builds the relationship and trust. 
    1. Reputation. He comes with a reputation and he makes sure they know it. Sets a seemingly impossible task to start with. Surpasses expectations. (He shows up at an impossible 20 minutes early.) 
    2. Commitment language. He states "He will solve the problems."
    3. Respect. He knows names. Respects his fellow team mates. Commands Respect from the guys.
    4. Forms a bond, establish a relationship immediately.
  4. Belief. They believe he can solve their problem. He uses positively and commitment language to instill this belief.
  5. Time lines. He understands the deadlines. He ensures everyone else knows the deadlines too by repeating them. 
  6. Calmness. Cool head under tight deadlines. Understands the situation. Knows the facts of the case, but is never flustered or excited. Looking at the ugly crime scene, he looks for coffee... I'm so cool under this pressure, I want coffee. 
  7. Complements & treats. Small things really help the situation given the pressure. When he gets the coffee he's thanks and compliments the guy who makes it. He makes some jokes at various times.
  8. Disciplined. Enforces discipline. Comes across as curt, but then explains himself as he has no positional power.
  9. Urgency. He "thinks fast", he "acts fast". All times he conveys the sense of urgency, while not being hasty or flustered. He is calculating and organised. He arrived 20 minutes early!
  10. Everything is delegated. Notice that he actually does none of the "Hard Labour"... But note that he asserts that he has expertise in the area. Even though he never lays a hand on anything other than the coffee cup, the team believe he can help them.

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