Thursday, 26 March 2015

Conversations - What version?

Dev 1: What version of the platform are you using to test your component on your branch?

Dev 2: I'm using version 1.2.3.

Dev 1: Great, I'm also using version 1.2.3.

Dev 2: One thing though. We had to edit the supporting utilities script on the server that was part of the 1.2.3 build. We are waiting for a 1.2.4 build that has the update in it, but it didn't get a green test in CI, so it won't be in the main track today.

Dev 1: So you are not on version 1.2.3, you are on a newer version of software than 1.2.3, that is based on 1.2.3. If I merge in your changes, how can we deliver this to the customer?

Dev 2: We always edit the src on the deployment in order to work around bugs. We usually update the installation instruction afterwards with any of these updates.

Dev 1: I think we need to have a discussion about version control.

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