Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Scrum ceremony cheat sheet

Daily stand up

Purpose: For the team to recommit daily and evaluate where our sprint plan is. Individually each member informs other team members what I am doing and where I can get help
When: Daily, in the morning
Who: All team members. PO might be an observer.
Inputs: Sprint backlog up to date to reflect members input.
Output: Everyone knows what everyone else is working on and where they can get help. We know what we need to work on to secure the sprint goal

Sprint planning

Purpose: Set the scope of work for the sprint.
When: First meeting of every new sprint.
Who: All team members and PO
Inputs: Groomed and estimated backlog.
Output: A sprint backlog. Sprint started. Commitment from team.

Backlog grooming

Purpose: Adjust the backlog estimates and break up big stories/epics.
When: 1-3 times per sprint. 1-2 hours per session
Who: All team members and product owner
Inputs: A selection of X stories from the top of the product backlog
Output: A estimated subset of stories on the backlog. Full backlog will not be costed.

Release Planning

Purpose: Estimate of the size of the backlog on that date.
When: half to one full day, every so many sprints
Who: All team members and product owner and coach (optional)
Inputs: Ordered, populated backlog (as much as possible).
Outputs: A fully estimated backlog.


Purpose: Reflect on how we worked in the last sprint so that we can introduce improvements in the coming sprint.
When: Last meeting of the sprint, after demo and the sprint is closed.
Who: Team members. Product owner optional.
Inputs: none required
Outputs: Actions for each team member to implement

Demo/Sprint review

Purpose: To show off the teams work and get feedback on work complete.
When: At the end of the sprint. 2nd last meeting.
Who: Team members, Product owner. As many other stakeholders as can attend.
Inputs: "Done" stories.
Outputs: A list of feedback from stakeholders on the software just shown.

Updated 15th April, 2016

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