Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Team Definitions

In this short article, I want to define and clarify some of the terminology surrounding software teams.

Collection Names

Let's define four collections of people
  1. Group 
  2. Team
  3. Self organising team
  4. High performing team


  1. A number of people who have some common attribute or skill that allows them to be classified together. For example Java developers, scrum masters.


  1. Defined boundary for the members
  2. There is a common purpose
  3. Shared experiences

Self organising team:

  1. Defined boundary for team members
  2. Recognized leader
  3. Subtle control
  4. Diverse members
  5. Transforming exchanges
Taken from Leading a Self-Organizing Team

High Performing Team Definition

  1. Delivering business value all the time
  2. Will adapt to suit the business
  3. Continually Improving
  4. Happy to work together

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