Thursday, 19 May 2016

I did pair programming with my colleague, do I need a peer code review?

In my opinion the short answer is: yes

Pair Programming is a tool to aid production of an artefact, be it code, a user document, an email, a presentation or some other artefact.

Peer Review is a quality assurance tool or checkpoint in our process. We are checking the output of the production process. Lack of knowledge of the production process is a benefit for Peer Review, however you must understand the problem being solved. It is a clean set of eyes over the problem and the proposed solution.

Pairing and peer review are therefore complimentary and neither one depends on doing the other. It’s a good idea to do both. We know that pairing during production produces less defects. We know that peer review helps catch defects before the customer gets the product.

What pairing means for peer reviews is that we should find less issues and for those issues we find, their solution should be less time consuming. There should be less "returning to the drawing board". But pairing doesn’t mean we should no longer do peer reviews. A good quality process demands a quality checkpoint.

Updated 15th August, 2016

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