Monday, 18 July 2016

Team Building Exercise: Gutter Ball Challenge

A great game for whole team interaction. Promotes teamwork, communication and lateral thinking to achieve the goal as fast as possible

This is one of a series of simple and fun team games to help team forming.

Aim: To transport as many balls from one bucket to another using gutters

Team: 4-6 people


  1. 2 buckets
  2. 5 x 1 - 1.5 meter lengths of PVC guttering. To make game harder, use down pipes
  3. 100 tennis balls (bucket of tennis balls)
  4. Stopwatch


  • 3 minutes after the clock starts.
  • 1 point per ball.
  • 200 points if all 50 balls are transported successfully


Place the bucket of balls in a space.
Place the empty bucket approx 5-20m away. (Further away, game more difficult). (10M)


  1. Allow one or more practice runs per team member.
  2. Start the clock.
  3. One person stands at the bucket of balls. They cannot leave the bucket and are the only one who can handle tennis balls.
  4. The remaining players take a gutter each and line up between the two empty buckets. They should stand so that end of each gutter touches in a line.
  5. Persons who hold a gutter can only move or walk when there is no ball(s) in their gutter.
  6. Person at the bucket, places one ball on the first gutter.
  7. The first person passes the ball, via tilting the gutter towards the next gutter.
  8. Once the ball is passed the first gutter, the first person runs to the end of the line.
  9. Once you reach the destination bucket, deposit the ball into the bucket using the gutter. All return to the start.
  10. Continue until time is up or all balls are transferred.
  11. Count the number of balls transferred.


Should the person with a ball(s) in their gutter walk or run, the ball is deducted from the total.
If a ball falls, it is lost and cannot be picked up again.


You can try to transfer more than one ball at a time. You may have more than one line at a time. However let the teams figure this out themselves.

Updated 13/12/2018; spelling mistakes corrected

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