Thursday, 28 July 2016

Team Building Exercise: Tennis darts game

This game is a fun game to promote team communication. Good introduction to new team mates.

This is one of a series of simple and fun team games to help team forming.


4-8 people


to score the hightest number of points by landing the bean bag inside the scoring zone.


  1. Spray paint
  2. Tennis racket
  3. 6-8 mini Bean bags ( or a balls that won't bounce)


  1. Draw out a large circular target on a large area. 4m-10m in diameter.
  2. Draw some smaller circles inside the large one. At least 5.
  3. Mark out a base approx 15m from the target zone.


  1. Smallest circle in the middle gets 200 points
  2. Next circle gets 15
  3. Next circle gets 12
  4. Next circle gets 9
  5. next circle gets 5
  6. Outside that the score is 0.

alternative scoring: Use hula hoops placed on the ground, further away hoops get more points


  1. Allow one practice bat per team member.
  2. Each person takes the racket with one bean bag.
  3. They stand inside the base.
  4. They launch the bean bag towards the target on the ground, using the tennis racket.
  5. Repeat for the next 5 bean bags.
  6. Add up the scores of where the 6 bean bags landed to give the team score.

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