Friday, 21 April 2017

Code Reviews 5: Good articles on code reviews

Let me start by saying "good" is subjective and it's based on my opinions of how code review must be done, if we are working together.

This post is a collection of resources I've come across on code reviews.

Good code review contributions

These articles align, by and large, with how I feel code reviews should be done correctly

  1. Preparing your code Review
  2. Code Review Tips
  3. How to be a better code reviewee
  4. How to be a better code reviewer

Code review resources

These are generic inputs that you will need for code reviews

  1. A Style guide for our source code. Googles Java Style Guide or the original Java Style guide, might not be the best. Write one or pick one, but once you choose for a particular product, stick consistently to it.

Code review tools

Effective tooling really helps enforce a proper code review flow and keep the quality of the review high. Here are a selection I've come across.

  1. Gerrit. This is the tool I'm currently using and I'm happy with it.
  2. Review4Eclipse. Another tool I've used for reviews. It's a lot better than having no code review tool.
  3. Jet Brains Upsource. From the makers of IntelliJ. This is next on my list to try, I hope it's as good as IntelliJ!
  4. Smart Bear Collaborator. I haven't used this, but it looks interesting. It appears to be the most feature rich. One I would like to try out.

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