Thursday, 14 December 2017

Team Trotters

Let's explore some of the good qualities of and bad qualities of a well formed team, by debriefing a video of the team in action.

The team in question have been working together for many years. Have a look at the video, a few times if you need to. Then take 5 minutes to think about what the team does well? Now take 5 minutes to think about what they do badly?


While the resulting work of the team turns out to be a funny disaster, this team demonstrates some good and bad attributes of a well formed and performing team

Good team attributes

  1. Knowledgable
  2. Obvious leader
  3. Had enough people to do the job
  4. Delegation
  5. Defined roles
  6. Stronger men in the "right" place
  7. Confidence
  8. Right tools for the job
  9. Succeeded in getting the job in the first place
  10. Displayed expertise
  11. Trusted each other
  12. "good" communication
  13. Motivated - money, prestige
  14. Courage to take on the job
  15. One, very clear goal
Bad team attributes
  1. All planning was in dels head
  2. Del's assumptions
  3. other team members reliance on Del's thinking
  4. Del's leadership style, Del was dismissive, belittling of butler
  5. Hadn't actually done it before
  6. No real energy
  7. Hierarchical team
  8. members didn't share leaders motivations
  9. no continuous improvements
  10. Del always compensated for others lack of competence
  11. Del didn't realise his own limitations
  12. Poor Communication - All talk, very little listening.
  13. Complacency - Members are overly familiar with each other
  14. Poor result - they break the chandelier


Can you recognise any of these attributes in your team? What are you doing well? What aspects of your team could you improve?

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